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How Do I Start?

If you have spoken to God today, and have asked Him to help you to be more holy, or something similar, then you have already started.

Small steps. Keep it simple. The Spirit of Jesus will be present with you, and you will gradually become more aware of Him as you find your attitudes towards people changing, and your own experience of life becoming more encouraging. You will have lots of small breakthroughs. They may seem major at the time, but in the big picture, once you have gotten used to being dependent on God's spirit working inside your heart, it becomes a lot like any other sort of skill. The challenges become greater, and the importance of your faith will come to surprise even yourself.

Understanding prayer is probably the best place to start. Here are some tips:

1. Start fresh everyday. Do not expect what you have prayed about yesterday to carry over into today. Jesus used the story of the manna (bread) from heaven to illustrate how He Himself will feed our spirits, and it is safe to say that this means that you will probably experience something new most days. If you have prayed ever day for a week, and have not resisted your God given desire to know Jesus and to understand God better, I would be very surprised if nothing meaningful has happened in that long a time. That would seem to me to be something fairly rare. Such an experience would likely be for a specific purpose that He would normally reserve for those who have walked with Him for many years.

2. Ask God to be your teacher, and to help you live right, with the right attitudes and with a greater awareness of what God is doing in you and around you. You can ask God to be your teacher, every time you read anything or listen to or watch anyone who is trying to explain the things of God.  You can ask God to help others see Jesus in you, and help you to see Jesus in others.

3. God is really pleased when we strongly desire His favor. I do not mean material provisions, but His personal approval. When we desire to know Him, to be close to Him, to understand Him, these attitudes really get His attention. It is as if He is waiting for you to give Him your undivided attention.

4. It you are really new at living like Jesus, let me suggest a book that will help you pray like this.  "My Utmost for His Highest." This simple book has helped many get started along the way of living with a  clean conscious before God, and being close to Him. You can find a daily devotional based on this book at If you want to read more than just these short devotionals, their archives includes many more.



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