Dead Right

Quotes and Excerpts

about the process of dying to self in order for Christ to live through us.

This is the start of something that I hope will show the depth and authenticity of the basic understanding that is based on. The following is the first of many excerpts by Christian leaders from the last 200 years that bring into focus various aspects of our daily co-crucifixion with Jesus. It will take a while to get permission for some of these, and I may have to retract some if permission to use them in this way is not possible. But I want to start with what I have at hand.

From "The Key to Triumphant Livng" by Jack Taylor.

"The Christian is of no use to to God until he is dead. He cannot live completely to the God nature as long as he continues to live to his own nature. There is but one cure for self...DEATH!"

"A.B. Simpson writes, "The Holy Spirit is the Great Undertaker who finally brings us to the place to which God has assigned us; namely the sharing of Christ's tomb. But He cannot bring us to a participation in the crucifixion-life without our consent. We must consent to die."

"Thus consenting to die, we consent to the life of Jesus in us by the Holy spirit residing and reigning. We can only be alive to Him as we are dead to ourselves. This is the principle of the exchanged life. The life of the old man is reckoned dead that the life of the new man (Christ Jesus) might take its place to give victory... This is the reason why the experience of fullness comes to most within the context of despair..."

"To choose Him is to choose against self...We must make the choice of death to self... We are to choose death to our plans, ambitions, tastes, friends, securities, wealth, future reputation and everything else in order that we might live unto Christ. "

From the introduction to Roy Hession's "Way of the Cross"...words by Norman Grubb

"...revival begins in a person and can be experienced at once. It is the day-by-day experience of any Christian who lives in the light...It means that we call sins by their real name: sins. We do not pass over pride, hardness, doubt, fear, self-pity and the like as being just human weaknesses...We have to be willing to be broken, and to confess these things at the feet of the One who was broken for us. His blood does not make us clean while we make excuses, but it does cleanse us from sin when we are ready to confess sin as sin. Revival is the daily experience of the soul which the Lord Jesus has filled..."







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