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June 18, 2009

Rose Publishing

I found Rose Publishing doing a Google search for the names of God. The reason for adding them to my list is the availability of several Biblical reference charts for free as downloads. I'm not aware of the scope of their products, or any particular slant, but what I have seen seems to be well done.


June 8, 2009

Last Tuesday,  Joe Boatwright suggested I look into the works of Stephen Olford. Here is a website from Union University dedicated to his life and ministry.  Stephen Olford I hope to find out what he has recorded that is relevant to our daily cross-bearing and make it available here.


June 7, 2009

More on Norman Grubb.  Here is a good resource for his written material, some of it seems private.

Norman Grubb Letters Several Audio and video recordings are also here. I have been absorbing his understanding of the Spiritual life of Christ in us all week long, and some it is too deep for me to apply. I can imagine it, but I am too overwhelmed to do anything but celebrate what Jesus has done and is doing.


June 1, 2009

Norman Grubb, was the founder of "Inter Varsity, "  one of my favorite publishers.  At this moment I am listening to his message "the Meaning of life, Pt. 6," which is all about Jesus living in us. I got this message from  You can find out a lot about Mr. Grubb at Norman Grubb (at Wiki) and at the website that is dedicated to him and his life's message: He died in 1993 at the age of 98, so many of his recordings are from his very old age. These are rich, but may require some patience to listen to.



(This music will stop playing if you leave the page.

That is not the way I want it to work, but I'm stuck with it for now. )


Listen to "By His Wounds"  from Ancient Words, based on Isaiah 53


New resource   5-24-09

You may not have found an online Bible  that works for you. I have been happy with  Here are two shorcuts to the pages I use most.

Search for specific words    Bible word search

To go to a passage             Bible passage search

I use them so much, that I decided to put them here, since I use as my home page for my webrowser.


One of the best resources online are the audio recordings of those who have practiced the daily cross bearing for a long time. has over 20,000 mp3 files that you can listen to for free. They also have many sermons in text form, and many books in audio format. At that site, I just listened to the actual voice of D.L. Moody. It was a bad recording, but then, what was the year?  18xx? Today (5-11-09) I went to that site and listened to DeVern Fromke's message on "Fruitfulness." It was Great! They have 35 recordings of Major Ian Thomas!

I am still looking for online recordings of Peter Lord, Danny Daniels, and Paul Billheimer. I will also be looking for new readings or recordings that relate specifically to our daily cross. There is a reading of Charles Finney's sermon on dying to self that I hope to hear soon.


Jack Taylor's website is He is scheduled to speak about twice a month for the rest of this year. Yesterday I was listening to a tape recording of him teaching from his book "Prayer, Life's Limitless Reach." My old tapes don't sound good anymore, and moving them over to CD has not been easy, but there's so much yet to learn about our daily walk with the Lord!


If you know or knew any of these people, DeVern Fromke, Jack Taylor, Ron Dunn, Major Ian Thomas, Paul Billheimer, Peter Lord, Danny Daniels, Manny Beasley, or Joe Boatwright, I would love to talk with you and compare notes about our life in Christ and what they have shown us by their lives and teachings.

____________________________________________________________________ a great site containing many excerpts from the full library of book by Major Ian Thomas. From what I knew of him, I believe Major Thomas' life message could be summed up in the phrase: "Christ in you is your only hope of eternal glory. His books "The Saving Life of Christ and "If I Perish, I Perish,"  (an allegory based on the book of Esther) are two of my favorites.


DeVern Fromke is currently President of Sure Foundation Publishers. This link will take you to his page where all of his books are available. I read his first two books,"Unto Full Stature" and "The Ultimate Intention" when I was a teenager (early 70's)   and remain in awe of God's plan as Mr. Fromke has explained it.


NEW   on May 22, 2009

James A. Fowler has an online book on "soul rest" that I want to spend some time with. Here's the link:   Soul Rest

Dr. James H. Fowler is the author of a book I studied at Seminary in 1982 called Stages of Faith. I have had many uses for the concepts he described, so much so that I went to Emory and took a D-Min course there just to get to meet him. It was worth it. This link : Stages of Faith will take you to a page that summaries his writings.






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